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Our Mission

We yearn for beauty in a chaotic world.


We desire inspirational visuals that take us back to earlier times ...

or transport us to a favorite place ...


We seek places where our soul finds peace and renewal.



Our mission at My Imago Dei

is to bring the beauty of God's creation

into your life experience.



Sue Zen grew up in the Northwest where seeing lush forests, majestic ocean vistas, and endless formations of clouds in the sky shaped her love of nature. She carried a passion for the earth's beauty into her adulthood, knowing that refreshing her soul meant spending time observing and capturing all aspects of God's creation in her memory.


More recently Sue has discovered a love for recording these images as photographs, then sharing God's beauty with others. The inspiration for creating "window art" came from realizing that many rooms in homes and offices lack outdoor views. Sue's photo art pieces provide beautiful "windows" into the world of nature, offering in a moment's glance a place of awe, peace and rest.

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